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Giving modern women the knowledge and pep-talk they need, through life, career and style content, to achieve anything with confidence.

I’m Christine Stucki and I am a Content Marketer by day, blogger and small-biz owner by night.


Born in ’89 to an English mum and Swiss dad, I’ve grown up in New Zealand with overalls, matching sweater dresses (yip, my sister and I were of course dressed the same) and all the hair scrunchies, and have been stylish ever since. Mum describes my childhood as creative, adventurous and definitely fashionable. When I was 5 I was creating a new hairstyle on the daily, and rocking a cute accessory at primary school – I think I was also married to about 3 different boys, what a tart!

Now in 2019, I live in Auckland with my fiancé Josh and two cats, Teddy and TinTin. I have been self-employed since Oct ‘18, and also run my fun and creative business venture, Lucky Girl, that creates mystery tees and accessories for badass babes and donates to the NZ Women’s Refuge in the process.

Kiss Kiss Fearless was started in 2012 (originally as Teacups + Tantrums, then Ruby Fearless) as an outlet for my creativity and style, and to take on the greatest adventure of my life – Giving the biggest nod to the little girl that was. 7 years later and I’m still here, but the mission has changed. Kiss Kiss Fearless is for modern women that are looking for the knowledge and motivation they need to achieve anything with confidence. I hope to ignite this confidence through offering what Kiss Kiss Fearless is known for best, fashion and beauty, along with sharing my own stories and journey as it happens. Join me!