Losing concentration easily? 3 tricks to get it back


“What was I talking about?”

A sentence I’ll easily say at least 5 times on the daily, and I know I’m not the only one. Losing concentration is easy to do, whether you’re at work, uni or simply trying to multitask a very important gossip sesh. 

… But it doesn’t need to be such a reoccurring thing. And really, it can’t be in such a fast-paced, get-it-before-it-goes world. We’ve got to be on our game, so here are 3 tricks to get that concentration back.


Create a Weekly Worksheet

If you’re like me, no two days are the same at work. This is definitely something I wouldn’t change for the world, but it can lead to disaster when things get so easily missed and forgotten. Stay on track with a weekly worksheet you can colour coordinate.

I did one up in Google Sheets a few months back and to date – touch wood – I haven’t missed anything. Doing this weekly means you can spread the workload and actually see when you’re going to be a tad busy. Losing track? Go back to the sheet and keep going. 


Set time aside

It’s so easy for us to soldier on and not take breaks, especially when it’s cold outside so there’s really no point venturing out. The thing is, we all need breaks, even if for just a few minutes each hour.

Schedule a time for you to take 5 and stick to it. Whether it’s on the hour, or simply at 10am, midday and 3pm. Spending time away from a screen does wonders for your concentration!


Get an eye test

Think you’ve got 20/20 vision? Fantastic! But that’s not the only thing eye tests look for these days. With the rise of technology and pretty much having a device glued to your hand, eyes are strained for an average of 9 hours a day. I know that I easily spend 12 hours daily either on my laptop, phone or tablet and I definitely am one of the 7 out of 10 people who suffer from tired eyes.

This can all lead to lost concentration, especially when our eyes are straining more and more as the hours go on. Wow! Even the thought of this makes my eyes hurt! Getting an eye test every two years can help check that everything is in order, and correct anything that may be wrong (even the stuff you may not even realise is wrong).


I recently went for my classic five-yearly (so naughty) eye exam at Parker and Co. in Newmarket where I was introduced to a lens that combats tired eyes.

Eyezen lenses help your eyes to relax, while a blue light filter is in place to block out any harmful light emitted from devices. Blue light has recently been identified as being harmful to retinal cells (much like UV light is, yet we’re so widely encouraged to wear sunglasses) so the fact that nearly everyone is exposing themselves 9 to 5 plus more without knowing the implications is scary.

Made for us young adults, Eyezen is all about protecting your eyes so you can quite simply get stuff done at the pace you need to… Concentration needed 100%. I’ve been wearing mine (with a minor prescription) the last week at work, and can safely say that the eyes are feeling good, and the brain is at least 30% less hazy when 3.30pm rolls around.

You can get your eyes tested at Parker and Co. for Eyezen lenses, and get them fitted to your favourite designer glasses. I picked out the ever-classic burgundy and tortoise shell Celine frames after having a carefully curated collection put in front of me with my face shape (and size) in mind. Parker and Co. are reputable in their field of designer glasses and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Photo-11-08-16-4-22-20-PM (1).jpg

Thanks to Eyezen and Parker and Co for teaming up with me for this post. 

Christine Stucki