3 Tricks to wearing wide leg pants (no matter your size)


I remember getting a pair of wide leg pants more than 5 years ago – a staple in any girl’s new work wardrobe. They were light grey, high-waist (of course) and my favourite thing to chuck on. The only issue? I don’t think I was wearing them right.

Fast forward to 2016 and wide leg pants are showing up more and more in street style shoots, magazine pages and blogger Instagrams. Yay! Food for the soul in my eyes. Now it was time to bring back the wide-leg pant, and get a bit more educated on how to style them properly.

I’ve teamed up with Farmers as one of their SS16 Fashion Ambassadors, to get an injection of floaty, structured, ‘boss’ wide legs into all of our (yes, that includes you) wardrobes – and ensure they stay there!

As I hinted above, there’s a right way to wear this trend, and a (very) wrong way. So no matter your size, here are my 3 tricks to wearing wide-leg pants to make your look…

1. Don’t lose your curves

This should be a rule no matter what item you are styling, full stop. When wearing something baggy, ensure your curves aren’t hidden. With wide leg pants, you want to at least nod to you having a gorgeous waist, and the most peachiest of bottoms. It’s all about creating structure in your outfit. If you don’t have much of a bum, emphasize that waist and opt for a more fitting shirt.

2. Keep it simple

Work with what you’ve got, and create an outfit that is appealing to the eye. What I mean here is don’t get too bogged down with all the latest trends or patterns – otherwise the outfit will be wearing you, not the other (and right) way around! There’s nothing sexier about matching a white shirt with wide leg pants, so don’t feel you need to move out of this to be on trend. The pants are statement enough, trust me.

3. Ensure it’s tailored

Sure, to us shorties this means making sure they’re not dragging on the floor, but it also accounts for so much more. A great pair of quality, tailored pants can take you anywhere in life, so make sure you’re checking out the quality of the fabric (you don’t want anything that creases easily) and that the craftsmanship is top notch. Of course you’re wearing baggy pants, but they should still – without a doubt – fit. If it doesn’t feel right, they’re not right.

So now you’re armed with all you need to style a good pair of wide leg pants, check out how I’ve done so below…

[ Then scroll further for another shoot styling a patterned jumpsuit ]


Shirt – Zara striped shirt
Pants – Stella at Farmers (similar)
Shoes – Zara buckled high heels
Necklace – H&M 
Bag – Zara metallic detail crossbody 
Necktie (on bag) – Project X at Farmers

I’m in love with the front pleat of these Stella wide-leg pants, as it helps to bring in the structure when standing and gives movement when on the run. You can see that my curves aren’t hidden (see that peach?), but they’re also not on display – making this a great work outfit with a dash of style. I’ve extended the leg (something I’m in dire need of!) by wearing a black closed-toe heel, a tip for you little ones like me.

See that necktie on my bag? That’s from Farmers too, and I’ve been styling it so many different ways. It’s always a great idea to have a drawer full of accessories like this, to add on and style where needed – and Farmers accessories are on point for SS16! 

The tricks to wearing wide leg pants (no matter your size) can be taken for any wide or baggy pants really, including our ever-favourite jumpsuits. Check out how I’ve styled this baggy, patterned Whistle jumpsuit


Jumpsuit – Whistle at Farmers
Shoes – Chinese Laundry at Farmers
Bag – Calvin Klein at Farmers
Necklace – Colette

This jumpsuit is fantastic for reiterating all the tricks to wearing wide leg or baggy pants. Firstly, it has this gorgeous tie waist band to bring in the waist and make it the centre of attention. Then we move onto the style and shape – it’s kept simple by using a staple style, the kimono sleeve (this trend has been around for the last 6 years, and it’s not going anywhere). Finally, it’s so well made and thought out… An example of this (and the thing that sells nearly all girl on a particular item), there are pockets! We’re done, take my money, right?!

I’ve styled this jumpsuit with the newest brands to hit Farmers, and they’re oh so good. This Calvin Klein bag is the PERFECT hold-all for the work week, then brings together your weekend outfits. It’s structured to the max, but gives you enough wiggle room to tone down your outfit and go with something a little more ‘weekend chic’.

Then, to top it off, I’ve been wined and dined by Chinese Laundry with their newest range of shoes (and this is a love affair I’m not afraid to hide). Being a little on the shorter side, I just had to get these statement suede (and yes, real suede) Southwest heels. I love the dash of white they have on them to really compliment the pattern on my jumpsuit, and can’t wait to style them all summer long with my array of little white dresses. It’s worth heading in store to check out the whole range, and no doubt walk away with a cheeky pair or two.

It’s really a no brainer to head in store or online and check out all the new brands and products on offer at Farmers. Go on, treat yourself this season!


Thanks to Farmers for teaming up with me this SS16.

Christine Stucki