Ladies: Get out the door in 10 minutes flat


… I’m calling it, you can get out the door in 10 minutes flat! Why? Because I can do it, and have been doing it for the past 5 years.

So who’s a morning person, anyway? Um, nearly no one. Well when I need to be in the city by 7am (and we all know traffic is getting worse and worse in Auckland), I greatly appreciate every minute I get to sleep in. With leaving at 6.30am, that means I only have to get up ten minutes earlier thanks to these five simple tips…


Prepare your lunch after dinner 
This one is super easy if you make enough for leftovers (or at least shotgun the household leftovers), but simply putting together all your food needed for the day the night before, saves you the hassle of searching the fridge in the morning. I like to keep everything in the fridge, including my lunch bag, so then it’s simply a grab and go!

Shower at night
It doesn’t help if you’re a morning showerer, but getting into the routine of showering at night can save you upwards of 5 minutes in the morning. At least give it a go, and you may even find it helps to relax you at night.

Pick out your clothes the night before
Such an easy one to do in the morning, but with the biggest chances of it taking more time than anticipated. I don’t take that risk, and instead pick and lay out my clothes for the next day. It helps me when it’s all auto-pilot in the morning, along with getting me excited for the day… Seriously “Oh yes, I’m wearing my comfy boots today” “Woop, new coat day today”. Come on, do it!


Blitz up a smoothie on the go
This is my secret weapon to staying awake! I’ll blitz up a seasonal fruit smoothie to sip away at during the drive in, but will prepare it the night before so blending takes mere seconds. Here’s the recipe…

Guarana Smoothie
1 Cup seasonal fruit of choice (I go with either Feijoa’s, nectarines, or berries to keep it simple)
1 Banana
¼ teaspoon of pure guarana powder
1 Cup Coconut milk

The banana helps to fill me up, but my favourite new ingredient is the guarana powder. I’ve been adding this to my smoothie for the last two weeks, and it’s giving me that kick-start I need to stay focused and ready for the day ahead. Guarana is added to so many energy drinks that it generally has quite a bad rep, but that shouldn’t be the case at all. This natural plant-based ingredient helps to aid in weight loss, physical and mental energy, and low blood pressure. I’m loving it in my smoothie, and finding that a few days a week that follow-up coffee is forgotten about!

Do your makeup at work 
I don’t know about you, but I’d rather do my makeup at work than be stuck in traffic because I was running late. Yes, it all seemed too good to be true so it needs to be confessed, I leave the house makeup free and get it done at work. Now I bring my makeup to work on a Monday and leave it there until Friday, but you could easily put together a work-only makeup kit that permanently stays there (an excuse to buy more makeup, right?)


What are your tips for getting up and out the door each morning?  

Christine Stucki