What bra size are you really? 3 ways to find out


Chances are if you’re reading this, you have breasts. 50% of us in this world do believe it or not, even if you think those little ones of yours aren’t anything to write home about. And the best thing we can do for our breasts is make them comfortable and keep them supported.

So whether you’re rocking an AA, FF, or something in between, this post is for you.

But how do you know your size? I’ve teamed up with Farmers to tell you how…


What bra size are you really? 3 ways to find out

1. How tight are your straps?

If you instantly say “tight!” or “they fall down” then you may be wearing the wrong bra size. It pays to adjust your straps accordingly and monitor over a week whether they go back to being troublesome.

2. How supportive are the cups?

Are you bulging out and it’s not even a push up? Then you’re definitely wearing the wrong bra size. Got enough room to hold a function in there? This may also be wrong. Bear in mind you should be able to fit two fingers comfortably in the cups while on (you know, for wiggle room), but any more or less and it’s worth getting a fitting.

3. What’s the band doing?

Two things to look for here: How tight is the band, and where does it sit? It should sit comfortably in the middle of your back without it digging in more than a few millimetres. If you’re riding up, or super tight then you’ll need to look at changing your size (either that or your bra may have had it’s day, and you’re due for an upgrade).


How to get it sorted…

Simply, get a bra fitting. And before you go running for the hills thinking you’ve got to get your kit off for a (trained) stranger, I’m going to quash any bra-fitting myths you may have…

– Fittings take less than half an hour (that’s if you’re trying on bras).
– You do not need to take your top off!
– The trained fitter will measure you in a couple of places (under and on your bust) and have you try on a few bras in the style and colour you’re after.
– They will not grab and jiggle things around, or make you feel uncomfortable and judged (we’re all ladies with boobs and we’ve ALL worn uncomfortable bras in the past, after all).

Farmers offer bra fittings, so along with checking out their extensive range last week, I jumped in and got a private fitting.

Turns out I have been wearing the right size bra all along (winning!); however, your size can change up to six times in a female’s life. CRAZY! So while I may be a modest 10B at 26, that wasn’t the case as a teenager, and definitely won’t be the case as I grow older, bear children and of course age gracefully.

Wearing the right size is really important, and not just for pulling off that strappy, tight dress to perfection. Wearing the wrong bra size can put huge strain on your back, neck and shoulders, along with potential nerve damage, bad posture, and dare I say it… SAG! The best way we can offset this is to stop guessing and get a quick (unintrusive) fitting at Farmers.


So what bras are our Farmers faves?


1. Heidi Klum Intimates Leise Contour Bra ($49.95) // 2. Perfects Brazilian Push-Up Bra (S34.99) // 3. Honey Vegas Check Longline Bra ($29.99) // 4. Pleasure State Blissfulness Contour Bra ($44.95) // 5. Heidi Klum Intimates Divine Valentine Contour Bra ($79.95) 
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With Farmers BRAVO here right now – where Farmers celebrate all things lingerie for a whole week (May 23 – 29) – why not treat yourself to a new (fully fitting) bra. And while you’re at it, make it a set since there are great deals to save you some money (check them out here)! Find your perfect fit at Farmers BRAVO – instore and online.

Thanks to Farmers for teaming up with me on this post.

Christine Stucki