Meet our Newest Family Members


A few weeks ago our family doubled, and it’s never been full of so much love.

We headed down to the SPCA Auckland, searched high and low for our little fur babies and picked these two cuties up!

Teddy (grey and white) – Our “little miss”, Miss Teddy Won-Ton Rogers is the most curious of the two, climbing on nearly everything. She’s just as playful as she is sleepy, and has no issue with being picked up.

We’ve had one little incident with our girl, aptly named “the revenge poo”. Vacuuming in their room, I quite literally scared the ___ out of her, placed ever so sweetly (note the sarcasm?!) on my side of the bed… A wee for good measure too.

TinTin (fully grey – not a speckle of white) – Our “squeaker”, Mr TinTin Monte-Carlo Rogers is the more cautious of the two, but is our hunter. Playing along with toys on string, he’d much prefer to quit the game and walk away with prey in mouth.

Mr TinTin is getting better everyday, and is now quite used to being pet. We love his endearment of always wanting to play with sis, and knowing to clean her when I’m around, and attack when I’m not.

We’ve been getting the kids (yes, we call them that) settled in and used to their environment, which includes getting them in a routine of eating.


Mixing Fancy Feast Kitten in with the Purina biscuits they’re used to from the SPCA ensures they are used to the familiar, while getting a super wholesome meal that’ll fill their wee bellies up every time. We want our cats to enjoy meal time, and by starting them on Fancy Feast from day one we know they’ll get super nutritious, fresh single-serve meals that are different textures and flavours every time.


Thanks to Fancy Feast for teaming up with me on this post.
These views are the personal views of Ruby Fearless and do not necessarily reflect the views of Nestlé.

Christine Stucki