2016 Style Hacks: On trend and on budget


It’s pretty hard keeping up with decor trends these days. Why? Because what’s in vogue in homeware seems to change as quickly as fashion. In other words, a look you may be in love with one day, may be out of fashion the next so staying on trend while on a budget is near impossible…right? WRONG!

It’s all about working with what you’ve already got, and finding accent items that suit the trend of the moment. 2016 is all about three major decor trends – and they’re all soooooo good – so luckily for us, this little trick means you can wow with all three.

I’ve rounded up my best tips on what to look out for, and how to style in your lounge, workspace and even bathroom.

Back to nature

Image source:  Image Box Studios

Image source: Image Box Studios

This trend is hands down my favourite for winter, how could it not be?! Bringing in faux fur, animal prints and anything wooden to set a lodge-style vibe throughout the house… Just put a few more logs on the fire.

DIY tip: Find an old dry branch the next time you’re in your local park or forest, spray paint sections in gold, and hang gold glitter dipped feathers from it. String up and hang on the wall as a feature to really set the tone of the room.

On a budget: I picked up these brilliant on-trend canvas prints from Warehouse Stationery to bring a little wilderness into our living room. Part of the new Banter Void range, these prints are easy to style and only $30 each (buy deer herebuy wolf here). Propping them on a buffet table, rather than hanging them up is a contemporary way of showing off your artwork and it’s great if you’re renting and don’t want to put holes in the wall. 


The new luxe

Image source:  Wall & Deco

Image source: Wall & Deco

This trend is not new to the market, but it keeps getting better year on year. Think monochrome to the max, with accents of copper throughout. Copper (or rose gold) has made such a revival this year as you will have seen not only in home styling but also in fashion and beauty.

DIY tip: Take different sized vases and jars, tape off sections and get that rose gold spray paint on the exposed areas. Pop a tealight candle in each and create a beautiful centerpiece.

On a budget: Find easy to style monochromatic pieces for your office space, and create a rose gold pen holder for that trending accent (using the tip above). I love this uplifting print from Warehouse Stationery for $14.99 – lifts the space and your mood all in one!


Colour pop

Image source:  Coco Lapine Design

Image source: Coco Lapine Design

This trend is really easy to bring into your home because it’s as simple as bringing in ONE pop of colour. As long as you have an existing neutral palette, bring in a bold chair, piece of artwork, or even duvet cover. For the bathroom, nothing beats a bright towel!

DIY tip: Can’t afford a new chair? Fair call! Tape off wooden legs on your coffee table or lounge suite and go for the ‘dipped’ look by painting them in bold royal blue and tamarillo orange. Grab a throw to match, because why not!

On a budget: Nothing beats a good old-fashioned neon sign, but maybe it’s not the best idea for a kid’s or teen’s room when you’re trying to get them to sleep. Instead, opt for these wicked neon prints from Warehouse Stationery for $24.99 combined, and dot them around a feature wall. 


If the prints featured in this post have caught your eye, be sure to check out the new Banter Void range at Warehouse Stationery to help you keep your space on trend and, starting at only $7.99, certainly on budget!

Thanks to the super-trending Warehouse Stationery for teaming up with me on this post.

Christine Stucki