5 Reasons why adopting a cat will actually save YOU


I’ve always been a cat person. In fact, the main reason my partner and I bought a house was so we could have the furry animals running around with us… FACT!

We adopted Teddy and TinTin from the SPCA in early June, and couldn’t wait to bond with them (meet them here). Which got me thinking, these cats have impacted on our lives as positively as I hope we have to them, and although they’re literally running up the curtains as I write this, I cannot deal with how much I love them.

If you don’t have a cat but really, really want one… This one is for you (and to link to YOUR partner who isn’t so convinced yet)

5 Reasons why adopting a cat will actually save you


1. Nurture: Taking care of another living, breathing being really goes without saying when you get a new pet. However, it teaches you (and your kids) to love and nurture. Don’t have kids yet? A lot of people believe pets come before the babies, and cats are a GREAT choice. Call it a test run!

2. Companionship: This is a really simple one, and the most common reason why we get a pet. Now a lot of people think that cats are unsocial creatures, but those are also people who haven’t owned cats. The moment you get a purr and head-butt, it’s love and companionship for years to come!

3. Stress relief: … And breathe! Hearing a little fluffball purring on your lap is known to lower stress and even blood pressure. It’s the soothing sound (and knowing you’ve got a happy wee babe) that can’t be beaten.

4. Empathy: If you’ve grown up with a cat, chances are you’ve had more practice with considering what other people are feeling. This is true for dogs too, and such an awesome benefit! … Soooo, if kids are on the ‘to do’ list, then having a cat in their life is not a bad idea. 

5. Healing: … Apart from of course spiritual healing, recent studies have shown that the pitch of a cat’s purr can help bones and muscles heal after an injury. So really, a cat can help you work towards those gym goals!


And while Teddy and TinTin are saving us, we’re ensuring they’re getting all the goodies they need from what they eat. We’ve been feeding them Fancy Feast Kitten in with the Purina biscuits they’re used to from the SPCA, and they’re absolutely LOVING IT (honestly, purrs and licked lips all the time)! They’re getting a really wholesome meal that fills their wee bellies up and is helping them to grow! We want our cats to enjoy living with us, and by having them on Fancy Feast from day one we know they’re getting super nutritious, fresh single-serve meals that are different textures and flavours every time.

… Now we just need to teach Teddy to not be so protective over it!


Thanks to Fancy Feast for teaming up with me on this post.
These views are the personal views of Ruby Fearless and do not necessarily reflect the views of Nestlé.

Christine Stucki