5 Wardrobe essentials for 100% humidity


Just when you thought summer was offering up the GOODS, we’re reminded of summer’s personality trait that makes us quite uncomfortable – Humidity. Ugh! It’s the worst! Even if you love summer, you cannot tell me you love feeling sticky and sweaty for no reason? I save that feeling for the gym!

So during this nasty time of the year, what can you do to feel just that little bit cooler and more comfortable? I’m here to tell you!

5 Wardrobe essentials for 100% humidity

Watch your fabrics:
Seriously, do you know what you’re wearing? Check yo’ labels and stay away from anything synthetic. It’ll just betray you by sticking to your body. Your best friends will be cotton and linen with humid conditions because they’re natural, breathable fabrics. [Shameless plug] If you’re looking for some cute 100% cotton tees, check out my newest business, Lucky Girl.

Check your style:
Nothing worse than having tight clothing on when it’s sticky. You want to be wearing clothing that falls away from your body. What I mean by this is floaty dresses, loose fit jeans, shorts that taper at the hip, and any kind of loose top that can be manipulated in a way to still appear flattering (like a linen shirt that can be tied or tucked at the front).

What’s on your feet?
Body heat comes out of your feet and head, so you want to avoid closed toe shoes as much as you can. If you’re unable to join the sandal or jandal gang, then make sure you’re wearing breathable fabrics, like canvas shoes or Allbirds.

Say no to hats:
I know, hats are our savior when our hair gets frizzy, but they are just gonna add to the issue of heat. Opt for either a natural straw hat if you need to be sun conscious, or more stylishly pick up a cute cotton head scarf that you can use to tame the tresses at least around your face.

Say yes to sports bras:
Yip, a bit of a weird one, but sports bras are a hell of a lot more breathable and stretchy than your regular old bra. If you can’t get away with it (sports bra and pant suit, anyone?), pick up a little lacy sheer one and your boobs shouldn’t sweat as much as usual (seriously, we all know boob sweat is a thing).

Do you have any other tips for keeping cool over summer? Share them below! 

Christine Stucki