How to rug up without losing your shape this winter


Winter. The most troublesome time to shop for a short girl. Why? All the latest trends are fantastic in theory, but the moment you chuck a chunky knit turtleneck over your head, where are you in there?! I know it’s not even short girls these days, with so many winter trends being all about looking wrapped up and super cosy.

As a fashion blogger you need to be able to adapt your wardrobe and everything you wear to what makes you warm, feel good, and not lose your shape. But how do you rug up without losing your shape this winter? I’ve refined the four below tricks myself, and tested them on all shapes and sizes (thanks, friends) to ensure they are the best of the best! Happy styling!

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How to rug up without losing your shape

  1. Tuck it in:

    I can’t think of a top of mine I do not tuck in. T-shirts are constantly tucked into the front of my jeans to create a casual, thrown-together look, and you can also do it easily with light to medium thick jumpers. But why should you tuck it? For one, showing the whole leg helps to elongate it (and if you’ve met me, you know I need some of that) along with creating a centre point for the eyes to go – Your waist. Hourglass, much?

  2. Roll your sleeves:

    Another optical illusion, rolling your sleeves not only looks badass (and is practical as if you have kids) but it also helps again to draw in the eyes. Where do your arms sit? Quite central! Meaning if you have a thick or loose top/dress on, you still have a central point for your eyes to go. Trust me on this one!

  3. Make use of merino:

    Oh if you’re not on this bandwagon already, let me introduce you to your new best friend over winter. Merino is amazing at controlling body temperature, meaning that if it’s hot, it can cool you down, and if it’s chilly, that’s going to retain your body heat. This is exactly why you’ll see this fabric featured so heavily in tramping/adventure stores. Let’s bring it back to the fashion though, where merino is amazing for keeping warm without looking like a marshmallow. Fact!

  4. Accessories:

    It goes without saying, but a good snood and beanie are staple winter wardrobe items to chuck on during those extra cold days. If you want to go one step further to keeping warm, ensure your socks are thick and good quality, and get a pair of gloves for when you’re outside. Brrrr!

Of course, whatever you wear during winter is totally fine, so long as you cover off the three C’s – You’re comfortable, confident and cosy.


So now that I’ve given you my tips for rugging up this winter without losing your shape, it’s time I put my money where my mouth is and show you it all in action. That way you’ll believe the advice I’ve given you above.

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Merino: Basics Brand Merino Tank Top ($20)
Pants: Amco Plain Skinny Jeans ($25)


Thanks to The Warehouse for teaming up with me on this post. All opinions and advice are my own.

Christine Stucki