5 tips for staying comfortable during your period


Yes, one for the ladies. So if you’re a man, you get two options: Leave now, or get the reward of ‘Super Boyfriend’ as you try and find a cure for your girlfriend in pain. Nawww!

Having your period sucks.

For some reason I’m never prepared for it, then the moment it hits me I wonder how I’ve gotten through this on a pretty regular basis. I’m hot, cold, sweaty, sore, achy, headachy, exhausted and nauseous. Yes, pretty much a med students dream. Why? Because whatever symptoms you throw at me, I’ve suddenly got them.

Periods can last anywhere from 3-7 days, so whatever end of the scale you sit, let’s get you prepared and feeling comfortable.

Heres my list of must-dos for keeping comfortable during your period…

Drink water 

Water retention. It happens during your period, so this tip may sound counterintuitive… But it’s not. Drinking heaps of that good H20 helps release water retention so you’re feeling and looking less bloated and lighter over time. Win win! Tip: Infused water is also great. Here’s one of my recipes. 

Warm your belly 

… and I’m not talking with food (although we will get to that). Having a hot water bottle on your stomach is great for relieving stomach cramps, as you’re increasing blood flow and flexibility. During the heavy stages of your period, go to bed with something warm on your stomach, and you’ll wake up feeling more comfortable. And yes, a cuddly cat can be used for this.


Okay, you’re feeling tired, but a little exercise is so good for your body and mood during this time. For one, you’ll decrease any pain you may have, as you’re releasing endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers), you’re improving and stabilising your mood, and again you’re getting rid of that excess water. There are also studies that suggest exercising can make your period lighter and sometimes shorter. However, don’t force yourself. If you’re not feeling it, it’s fine to do a light walk or even a stretch to gain some of these benefits.


I’m all about pampering myself over this time, so this will be my number one tip (how could it not be my favourite?). Paint your nails, do a face mask, slap on that fake tan and have yourself feeling beautiful. I love a good soak, so spend 5 minutes more in the shower, or run a bath (remember, that heat will help). I’ve recently been using The Aroma Room Body Oil in Balance, and love it. Made in New Zealand, this specific body oil uses a blend of oils valued for their equalising effect on the female hormonal system. It smells amazing, and is super relaxing either added to a bath, or applied after a shower. Added plus, it moisturises your skin fast (cause nobody got time for sticky moisturisers when you’re already feeling bothered).

Eat well 

You may think it’s fine to indulge over this time (and I’m not telling you to put down that block of chocolate), but hear me out. Excess sugar, salt and caffeine will only make you feel worse. Remember the term ‘what goes up, must come down’? Well it rings super true over this time when your body is just trying to look after itself. Eat more fruit and vegetables, and choose food with low-sodium, but rich in zinc, calcium and healthy oils (Omega-3) and it may just help relieve bloating, so you have a more comfortable period. I love Kayla Itsines‘ tips to keep you eating healthy during your period (read here).

What tips do you have for staying comfortable during your period? Let me know in your comments below…


Photo credit: femside.com

Christine Stucki