Crackle with Captives wood-wick candles


I’m a MASSIVE fan of candles, and probably have 5 in my bedroom right now… I lie, 6. There’s just something so relaxing about them in the bedroom or bathroom, and productive (for me, anyway) when I have them on my desk.

This year I’ve discovered Captives Candles, a small New Zealand company that are making a big impact. Stocked in some of my favourite local stores, including Amber WhitecliffeLana Boutique and Flaunt Store, this brand is one you need to try.

Why? Well apart from them having the most fresh and alluring scents around (Avocado and MintPomegranate, and Peaches to name a few), they also give you the option of a very different type of wick.

Captives Candles come with the option of a wood-wick for some of their scents; and what makes that so special? Well you get the fabulous crackle sound every once in a while… Perfect for Christmas time when you want to feel all wintery, but you can’t (WAY too hot in NZ to light a fire).

Captives wood-wick candles use only a natural oil to help the wood burn, so you know you’re using good quality stuff. Check out their full range of wood-wick candles here.

Christine Stucki