Music: The 1975


Gah, I love this band way too much. The 1975 are coming to New Zealand for Big Day Out 2014 and I’m getting you ready for them. Hailed from Manchester, these boys have been going at it for over ten years and have finally made waves all the way here. The self-titled album has just been released and I’m in love with every song. Every song, obsessed!

They tap into alt-rock with influences from Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones and the good ol’ Motown days. Covering off youthful themes of sex, fights, love and fear this album is going to be my soundtrack to summer.

Now don’t yell at me, but these guys are the only ones I’d be keen to see at BDO… What a shame they haven’t announced a side show just yet.

Their video clips have always been in black and white until the more recent US version of ‘Sex’, and I really love the vibe coming from them. Check them all out! Fall in love. Do it, just do it.

Christine Stucki