Sydney Trip: So Much Fun


We just came back from a wee holiday in Sydney, and boy did we need it?!

Sydney is such a social town, always up and running, always bright, and always looking good. Living in Sydney would be very easy for me! Now I went with the intention to shop, but as luck goes I couldn’t find much. This is not an understatement. Maybe I’m too used to online shopping now and really hunting for a good bargain, but I just couldn’t find anything… Apart from one thing, and boy am I in love.


This hat is amazing and yes, it has ears! Purchased from Sportsgirl for $29.95AUS – you can find all their accessories here – this hat sums up my style completely. It’s smart, a little bit cheeky and oh so cute. Just a head’s up, they also have them on ASOS for $40NZD here.

Like Sydney? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Christine Stucki