Why the rebrand?


Let’s be honest. I’ve been here a while.
So long, in fact, this is my third brand. WTF?!

In April 2012, I introduced Teacups & Tantrums to the world, and it was the most fun I’d ever had… Until someone confused it for a parenting blog. I mean, the name fits!

So I got to rebranding in 2013, and came up with Ruby Fearless (keeping with the red colour scheme for some consistency). You see, I really liked the idea of gemstones, or rubies, but needed to “edge it up” a bit. I truly hadn’t thought at the time that it sounded like some sort of Beyonce alter ego.

That was it! And I kept it going for 6 years, but there was always one problem.
6 years down the track and I’m still called Ruby (hi, my name’s Chris). It’s fine. It’s my own fault.

The thing is, when I started blogging (in the days of Tumblr), having a ‘blog name’ was a thing. Over the years, it’s become the norm to use your personal name for branding, so this is why so many would see Rubes as a bit of a name (and someone with clearly VERY cool parents).

I felt like an imposter, and at one point considered changing my middle name to Ruby (Yes, actually) to not feel so fucking awkward about it.

The thing is though, it’s never gonna change.
So here I am, 7 years down the track rebranding one. more. time.

The message is the same, the girl is still trying to be badass, but the name is a lot less bloody confusing.

I hope you’ll stick around!

CHRIS, from Kiss Kiss Fearless