5 Japanese Beauty Skin Secrets you have to try


So it’s been a couple of months now since I went to Japan, and I’m still on that high. I fell in love with the culture, I fell in love with the people, and I cannot even begin to tell you about the beauty… But I’ll try.

The thing with Japanese women is that they are beautiful. I’m not even kidding, they are all absolutely gorgeous inside and out, so I HAD to go searching for their beauty secrets. I thought there would be strenuous morning and night time routines in order to have clear, even and glowing skin, along with having to fork out hundreds of dollars to get the right products, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s actually quite the opposite.


5 Japanese Beauty Skin Secrets you have to try

1. Don’t use too much product: 
Simple is key when it comes to Japanese beauty, so that means minimal product (and that includes makeup, ladies). Use products that are multi-purpose, and brands that are great for sensitive skin. If you can get away with minimal makeup, honestly do it. Your skin will thank you for it.

2. Cleanse every single night: 
This one should go for everyone, but the Japanese swear by it. Washing your skin every night gets dirt out from deep inside the pores (yes, the stuff you can’t see), and makes it easier for skin to absorb moisturiser. You’ve also got no excuse to put this in the ‘too hard basket’ when your routine is simple.

3. Slap it on: 
You’ve been rubbing in your moisturiser all this time, haven’t you? Well starting tonight you’ll be slapping it on. Japanese women slap (or pat, rather) their moisturiser on to stimulate blood flow and elevate energy levels for skin cell rejuvenation.

4. Stay out of the sun: 
This is one I think all us kiwi’s need to be better at. Japanese women understand (and care about) the effects of the sun and UV rays to their skin, so they stay out of it. Opt for a wide brim hat or sun umbrella when possible, or ensure you’re using an SPF-packed moisturiser if covering up is not an option.


5. Shiseido Skincare
Using quality products is key to achieving great skin, but it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Beauty powerhouse, Shiseido is from Japan and my gosh do they love it over there?! It was stocked in every one of our hotel bathrooms, and all the department stores had huge Shiseido counters. Yes, I had officially died and gone to heaven!

I highly recommend their skincare line, and was fortunate enough to get my hands on their super affordable Shiseido Ibuki range. Targeted at females aged 25-35 that are exposed to stress, air travel, UV rays, air conditioning, and not-so-healthy eating habits; this range is pretty much perfect for all of us.

Describing what Ibuki does, Shiseido says “Our exclusive Shape Memorizing Cell Technology restores moisture to help remove dead cells for strong, healthy skin. Helping cells memorize their ideal, most powerful shape boosts skin’s resistance to breakouts, visible pores and roughness. The result? Smooth, soft, problem-free skin that’s ready for anything.”

Having used this for well over a month now, my skin is clean, fresh and glowing. I think this is one you need to try, and luckily you can try it on a budget. Shiseido Ibuki Starter Kits are on counters now for $29. Each starter kit includes a two-week supply of Gentle Cleanser, Softening Concentrate and Refining Moisturizer, so you can try it all out on a budget.

Visit your nearest Shiseido counter to pick up samples of the Ibuki Protective Moisturizer or essential skincare and talk to one of the Shiseido beauty consultants to find out the best solution for your skincare requirements.

Thanks to Shiseido for this post. The views expressed above by the author(s) are 100% honest and to the best of their knowledge at time of publication. 

Christine Stucki