5 Tips to get away with not wearing makeup


So I set myself a little challenge at new years, and it’s one I just fell into but have loved it. Since Boxing Day I haven’t worn makeup, and I’m still not wearing it nearly a month later! It all started with being on holiday and getting just that little bit lazy (it happens), then New Year’s came and went and I still hadn’t dipped into my makeup stash.

I thought, “gosh, I wear so much makeup throughout the year, and although it might be hard, I know my face would appreciate a bit of a break”.

It seems January has been the month for setting goals, getting back into routines, and giving my face a bit of a reset… And you know what, it’s never been easier.

I can’t lie here, however, as I got a little bit of help to feel comfortable in my own skin over summer, and today I’d love to share with you my 5 tips to get away with not wearing makeup…

1. Get yo’ lashes tinted  Taking off mascara is the bane of my existence, so that was the first to go. Instead, I opted for getting my eyelashes tinted the week leading up to Christmas. A good tint makes all the difference, and you’ll often find you have more natural lashes than you ever thought you could have.

2. Look into Feather Touch Tattooing  Each to their own, but I was sold when I heard about Feather Touch Tattooing for your brows. This simple treatment takes an hour max (including time for the local numbing gel to work) and will last up to 2 years. I got my first dose of it in mid-December, and it has helped to shape and fill in my brows beautifully. If the thought of needles makes you a bit queasy, there is nothing wrong with a brow tint and shape.

3. Wear sunscreen  You’re probably thinking “how is this going to help me in the no makeup front?” Well for 1. Using sunscreen helps to minimise forming any redness, uneven skintone and dark spots, and 2. You should be wearing sunscreen, regardless. Finding an anti-aging sun protection (truly) that works even better in the water is easier than ever with the new Shiseido Perfect UV Protector.

4. Watch your diet Quite a hard one to say when I know all too well what I ate on Christmas day, but eating right is just what you need to clear your skin out. The last thing you want when you’re “resetting your face” is a breakout… All confidence lost, right? A load of fruit and vege, a few nuts for energy, plenty of water, and a slice of chocolate for good measure. 


5. Use the right skincare products I always thought I was pretty good with my skin, always took my makeup off, washed my face every night, and moisturised twice a day; then I was asked to exclusively trial a new range of Shiseido skincare products before they even hit the shelves.

The Shiseido White Lucent range came into my hot little hands, and I was asked to give it a go for 7 weeks. We took before and after photos, and off I went with dreams of fresh, bright looking skin. Well, 5 months later and I promise you I am still using this skincare range.

Along with that, I swear that this tip (and this range) was the most important element to me feeling comfortable in my skin; comfortable enough to even go to my office job in the city WITHOUT makeup on, and no one to say “you look tired, are you okay?” because my skin does not look tired, dull, or anything remotely like a walking zombie. Seriously.

So now I want you to take the challenge, and give your face the summer break it deserves.

 You can start by heading along to any Shiseido counter and getting a free skin consultation (this is where I started, afterall). Until the end of February 2016, every consultation will have you walking away with White Lucent samples to try at home, and if you choose to buy 1 or more products from the range, you’ll get a White Lucent Power Brightening Mask as your free gift.  


Thanks to Shiseido for sponsoring this post. The views expressed above by the author(s) are 100% honest and to the best of their knowledge at time of publication. 

Christine Stucki