5 Rules for quick makeup application


There’s no denying that we’re all a little short for time in the mornings. If you’re anything like me (and of course you are), you’d much prefer those extra 10 minutes in bed than waking up to reality and starting your day.

Everyday routines should be easy and down packed, including the all important morning routine. With the launch of cult classic beauty brand, TheBalm® Cosmetics in New Zealand – whose brand is all about beauty in 5 minutes – it was only fitting to team up and teach you how to complete your makeup routine in 5 minutes flat.

5 Rules for quick makeup application


1. Use multipurpose items
Cut down on the time it takes to find what you’re after, and keep your makeup bag small with multipurpose items. Find blush and highlighter that works well as eyeshadow, and an eye palette with dark enough shades to touch up your brows.

2. Get the right tools
Ensuring you have the right tools on hand can make all the difference between 5 minutes and 50. Get quality brushes that apply product evenly, and keep wipes and cotton buds on hand when things get messy – because you never know!

3. Look after your skin
It’s nothing new, but loving your skin and making it a priority can make all the difference. In summer, I wear zero foundation and it helps to really cut down on that makeup application time. Truly. To get into the habit of washing your face every night and drinking plenty of water, set alarms on your phone. I like to use wipes on my face before applying my morning makeup, and this helps me to stay clear.

4. Focus on one thing
Running short on time? Decide between eyes or lips. If I go for the eyes, then I’m going to do a sweep of gloss. The lips? A nice bold lip and opt out of intense shadow and liner.

5. Practice in your own time 
This one is key for quick makeup application, but often forgotten. Mastering a cat eye is tough, and it only takes doing it 100 times before you could do it in the dark. Same goes for lining your lips to make them look fuller. Practice makes perfect, right?


I know you’re sitting here now thinking “5 minutes? Can’t be done”, but trust me that it honestly can. This is what I’ve been using for the past two weeks, and it means I can grab a quick coffee and breather before starting my day. Bliss! 


1. Multipurpose items:
To keep my makeup bag down, I’ve been using theBalm Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette but creating a couple of different colour combinations depending on my outfit. There are 12 super-pigmented colours that all match beautifully, and with one of them called ‘Fearless’, you know I’m all over that. theBalm Balm Desert is amazing as a light sunkissed blush, but build it up and you’ve got a sweet contouring product. The fact that this isn’t shimmery makes it so versatile.

2. The right tools:
I’m gonna put it out there, and say a big “HELL YEAH” to theBalm makeup brushes. The powder brush is my holy grail for keeping the face framed and flawless, and the double-ended shadow brush is IT when it comes to getting the perfect crease cut. Seriously, give them a go. I’ve also kept theBalm Balms Away on hand, a vitamin-infused balm that helps take off makeup or just tidy up your under eye area (say no to the panda).

3. Making my skin shine:
To really show off those good skin days, I’ve been using theBalm Time Balm Primer (I’ve heard such good reviews about this one!) to even out my skintone and make me nice and matte. TimeBalm Anti-Wrinkle Concealer has a great long wear for under your eyes, meaning top ups aren’t needed. Yay! Finally, Cindy-Lou Manizer is my girl when it comes to highlighting and illuminating those cheekbones. Woah!

4. Focusing on one area:
It’s been all about the lips for me these past two weeks, mostly because I’ve needed to bring a bit of colour into my outfit, but secondly because my eyes need a little more practice (we’ll get to that soon). Matte all-day liquid lipsticks are a godsend when it comes to getting a great selfie, so I’ve been using theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes. My favourite shade is Charming, a warm pinky red. So old school!

5. Practice makes perfect:
Like I said, the eyes have needed a little practice, so I’ve been spending my nights trying to perfect my liner skills using theBalm Schwing Liquid Liner. I’ve always steered clear of a liquid liner for fear of not getting it right, but I think I’m nearly at the stage of taking it out on the town. A life goal has been reached, because in my eyes (no pun intended) if you can use liquid liner like a pro, you’re the real boss!

You can only buy authentic theBalm® Cosmetics exclusively through the authorised retailers Life and Unichem Pharmacies in New Zealand.

Thanks to TheBalm for teaming up with me on this post.

Christine Stucki