How to wear red this summer


Nothing beats a bit of red lipstick to make you feel in charge of your life and pretty damn unstoppable – but it can’t just be me who finds wearing red lipstick in summer really really hard, right?

Sure, wearing red when it’s cold is an easy choice – the cherry on top to an amazing outfit of navy, khaki or maroon – but I find that whenever red comes out in summer, it’s instantly matched with a pinup themed outfit. Why?!

So in the spirit of getting out of a fashion rut and in the name of “red”, this post is dedicated to bringing the powerhouse colour to the forefront of our signature wardrobes all summer long.

With the release of Shiseido’s Rouge Rouge line of 16 different red-based lipsticks, there’s a colour for everyone – Meaning you ALL can make good use of my wardrobe tips below.

I reckon that over the summer months, there are three different looks that need styling – The lunch meeting, the first date, and the Sunday brunch. Everything moves a little slower in summer, but that doesn’t mean your fashion choices should get left behind.

Ready for “Red Boot Camp” and to discover your red? Let’s go!!


Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick in Poppy $56NZD // Pippa Oversized Shirt $69AUD // A-Gold-E Jamie Mom Jeans $357NZD // Zara Ombre High Heel Shoes $90NZD // Zara City Bag with Canvas Strap $90NZD

The Lunch Meeting is all about chic balance, and playing on a little boyish charm. Roll up your mom jeans to ensure they taper in on the hem and show off those stunning metallic pumps. This uniform covers off all of the classics that every girl needs in her wardrobe, and is easy to fall back on for those upcoming family gatherings, daytime engagement parties and soul-searching city trips.

I’ve gone with Shiseido Poppy for this look, a bright red lip to add to the classic feel. Because it’s a daytime look, tone down on the eyes and make it all about the lips. Messy hair is also a given. 


Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick in Ruby Copper $56NZD // Zara Leather Effect Mini Dress $60NZD // ASOS Floral Bag $74NZD // New Look Suedette Platform Boots $60NZD

The First Date isn’t just for the hopeless romantics; it’s an outfit that should be on hand for any and every evening event. Play up on the textures here. Leather is looking to be massive for 2017, with a big influx of full leather dresses, skirts, and pinafores coming in. Match this with a textured or embroidered floral bag to add softness and femininity to your outfit, but bring it back again (and keep them guessing) with a pair of classic heeled boots – This look is all about being the “It Girl”, so you’ve got to work it (and to work it, you’ve got to be able to walk in those boots!).

Match this new age outfit with a daring darker red. Shiseido’s Ruby Copper lipstick is my first choice. Bronzer helps in the lead up to summer, so be sure to swipe a bit of that on too. 


Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick in Hushed Tones $56NZD // Collette Multi Row Chain Necklace $12NZD // Zara Glossy Bermuda shorts $50NZD // ASOS Falia Suede Sandals $42NZD // Glassons Boho Bardot Blouse $40NZD

The Sunday Brunch sums up casual style this summer. Whatever you decide to wear, your tops need to be floaty, sandals strappy, and accessories GOLD. Think structured boho. This look can be worn to the beach, Sunday afternoon BBQ’s and even to meet the parents.

I’ve gone for a light red-based Shiseido lippy – Hushed Tones. The blush in this colour will bring out all your features beautifully, so use highlighter to really accentuate them for that angelic look.


Ready to wear red this summer? Yeah, me too! Visit your Shiseido stockists to discover the red that suits you best. 

Thanks to Shiseido for teaming up with me for this post. 

Christine Stucki