The newest trick to concealing that pimple


Oh yes, it’s time to face the facts, my dear… Pimples are inevitable. And that’s where products like concealer and foundation become our best friends.

So how do you really conceal a pimple? 
Well this one is quite simple, as I think this tried and true process is great. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Step 1: Pick a concealer colour the exact shade as your skin
Step 2: Use a concealer brush to evenly apply product
Step 3: Once dabbed on, blend the edges out using your finger
Step 4: Lightly dab powder on to keep your coverage from melting off in the day.

The newest trick 
Although I think this routine is faultless, I’ve come to find a wee trick that helps me stay covered all day long. You’ve got to bake your makeup! So after step 2, I’ll leave my concealer on completely unblended for a couple of minutes. This helps to set the concealer, and makes it thicker to apply on that exact area. Heavy coverage is what you want, and this delivers. Psst! I also use this trick to cover up dark under eyes.


To stop pimples in their tracks
I’ve been trialing the Witch skincare range, perfect for teens (and those uni kids, holla) for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s naturally medicated, which makes it effective, yet mild. This is fantastic for sensitive skin, and I know my teenage skin wishes this range was in NZ back in 2005 when I couldn’t even touchchemical rich products. So if you get itchy, puffy, red skin from other medicated products, this is not in the same playing field at all, AND it’s much more affordable than other acne-fighting brands.

The key ingredient is witch hazel extract, which is a natural astringent (meaning it cleanses the skin without drying it out) and is also a disinfectant. So when you’re using it, it’s treating the issue at hand as well as reducing future breakouts. Win win! Also, it doesn’t smell like other brands do, but is rather soft and calming to both smell and apply.

My favourite products 
For on-the-go instant targeting I’m loving the Witch Blemish Gel and Stick, and use them both with my concealing routine. You can use the Blemish Gel under your concealer easily (just make sure it’s all dry before applying concealer), so you’re stopping that blemish from getting any bigger in the day. And if that’s not enough, the pocket-rocket Witch Blemish Stick can be used throughout the day (and fits in your bag discreetly), I just dab a bit on using my fingers then redo my powder to set it. There’s even a wee Witch concealer, so you can treat the issue further while covering up.

Along with this, Witch is the number 5 skincare brand in the UK, so you know it’s gotta be good. And before you take that wallet out and rush down to The Warehouse to get some, feel safe knowing this range is super affordable (ranging from $8-$12 per product… Lunch money).

If you want a trusted skincare range that will naturally treat acne, while keeping your skin hydrated and your wallet happy, check out Witch Skincare at The Warehouse. It is MADE for my on-a-budget girls out there!

Thanks to Witch Skincare for teaming up with me for this post.

Christine Stucki