How to: Really find out your skin type


So you think you’ve got oily skin, eh? Well, I think most of us presume that during the hottest months, but how do you know? Sure, we all see it on TV and in magazines, stating that if your skin is oily you’ve got to be that exact skin type. Or if your skin is dry on your cheeks, yes, you’ve got a dry skin type.

Then we go around trying to fix the problem at hand, but what if you’re treating for the wrong skin type? Drama!

Find out below how you can (once and for all) find out your skin type…

Surprised? I was! This whole time I’d been walking around thinking “you’ve got dry skin, you’ve always got dry skin” when really that could be further from the truth. I’m the most common here… Combination!

Luckily with Shiseido’s newest foundation, it doesn’t matter what skin type you are… Seriously.


Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation is my go-to beautifier this autumn, and here are the reasons why…

– Formulated with Advanced Sensing Technology that synchronises with your skin’s condition for a flawless look
– Broad Spectrum SPF 20
– Ingredients include Mother of Thyme Extract to prevent skin damage caused by oxidation, and St. John’s Wort Extract to prevent skin roughness
– Stays true to colour and prevents creasing, fading and shine all day
– Buildable, weightless formula that is oil-free and ultra-smooth
– Available in 11 shades
– Only $69

There is an exclusive offer on in Farmers to receive luxury samples in a cute cleansing trial kit with every purchase of new Synchro Skin foundation.
Kit contains luxury size samples of Perfect Cleansing Oil 40ml and Eye & Lip Makeup Remover 30ml to quickly and easily remove makeup.
Now you have no excuse not to find out your skin type once and for all.

Visit your Shiseido counter today to get samples* and your match.

*samples available while stocks last and available in limited colours.

Thanks to Shiseido for partnering with me on this post.

Christine Stucki