5 Secrets to Bikini Waxing at Home


Bikini season is well and truly upon us, and that means one thing… Feeling confident in your bikini. So whether you plan on prepping at the gym, in a tanning booth, or at the mall with a new bikini, THIS needs to be next on your check-list.

Although I’m a firm believer brazilians should be done at salons and spas, a bikini wax is nice and easy to do at home, so long as you do it right. Here are my secrets…

5 Secrets to Bikini Waxing at Home

1. Use the right tools

This one’s simple. No point going through the pain if it’s not going to work, so always opt for hard wax when working with thicker hair. I’ve been trying the new Veet Spawax warming pot and love it. Read more below.

Along with the right wax, you need to make sure your hair is long enough. About a quarter of an inch is perfect. Longer than this, trim it down otherwise you might be in more pain when ripping it off!

2. Pre-clean 
The day before, I recommend exfoliating to release any hairs that need to break through the surface. Just before starting the job at hand, wash and dry yourself so it’s easier for the wax to stick.


3. Know where you’re aiming for 
It’s a bikini wax. How can you get it wrong, you’re thinking! Well, you can! Underwear or a bikini can be a great guide to knowing how far in you need to go, so pop a pair on and work around that. Make sure you cover with a hand towel or tissues so no wax gets on your frillies.

From here, Get comfy and keep your knees apart. A mirror can help heaps for those tricky places too.

4. Take your time 
Waxing takes a while, so block out at least an hour for it. I also recommend doing it at least the night before the big event (I mean, there’s a reason you’re doing it, right?). Waxing is a very personal thing, so try do it when no one else is home – then they can’t hear you scream, either. Dignity in tact!

Do small areas at a time to avoid bruising when ripping it off. Which leads us to…

5. Rip rip rip 
R.I.P girl, cause there’s only one way this is coming off. Hold your skin taut, say a little prayer, and pull (quickly) against the direction of hair (so for a bikini wax, that generally means pull up).

If this is your first time waxing, start with your legs to get used to the process. I’d even recommend waxing the most visible areas first, that way you can stop if it’s unbearable, and you’ve still achieved something.


The new Veet Spawax is perfect for at home bikini waxing – I mean, I had to try it before writing about it, right? Too much information?!

This device is a stripless wax warming kit that takes only half an hour to melt the specifically designed wax discs, and keeps it at the right temperature for waxing all over… So maybe it’s best for legs, arms, armpits and personal areas, but you experiment however you like.

Retailing at $79.99 from your local supermarket and Life Pharmacy, this puppy is a good investment if you’re sick of making salon appointments the moment you feel a little fuzz.

Thanks to Veet for sponsoring this post. The views expressed above by the author(s) are 100% honest and to the best of their knowledge at time of publication. 

Christine Stucki