How to wear bold hair + my best hair dying tips


I’ve been all colours under the rainbow (seriously) over the years, and although I get so many compliments on my hair, it’s often followed up by “… But I couldn’t pull that off”. Well Babe, I’m here to tell you that hell yeah you can!!

Here are my top tips for pulling off bold hair (even as an introvert), along with my best home hair-dying hacks…

Sure, you’ve gotta have guts to dye your hair a non-natural colour, but YOLO really is a valid life motto here. I went with a root fade using the Clairol Colour Crave range (buy from Countdown or The Warehouse), and found it really easy to blend. If you’re not sure what colour will suit you, lavender is a solid shade for any skin tone and colour. 


My overall impression of the Clairol Colour Crave range (and I’ve tried them all) is positive. There’s a standard amount of dye in each tube (although you’ll need to use a couple of tubes if your hair is long or thick), and it’s easy to use – not too thick, definitely not watery. Each pack comes with a brush (lifesaver for application) and TWO pairs of gloves, cause sometimes it’s a joint effort! I was impressed with the colour vibrancy, and the initial washout of the product took 5 minutes (I’ve had dyes that have taken 20 minutes for the water to finally run clear). I’ll definitely use this range again, and am excited to trial a few of the other colours – I have my eye on you, indigo blue!!

You can grab a Clairol Colour Crave pack (available in six colours) at your local Countdown or The Warehouse now. Also, mandatory to tag me in any upcoming bold hair selfies – @rubyfearless 


Thanks to Clairol for teaming up with me on this post. 

Christine Stucki