3 Tricks for voluminous waves without the frizz


You always want what you don’t have, right? I’ve always had pretty straight hair naturally, and although many would kill for this, I desperately wanted thick, wavy hair growing up. Fast forward to 2017 and I can achieve exactly this thanks to advanced styling products, but every win comes with compromise, and what did I have to take with this hair I wanted so badly? Frizzy unmanageable hair.

With summer coming up (and a trip to the islands), I decided enough is enough and I’d rather not look like Monica (Friends) before she got those sweet corn rows. Sebastian Professional had just brought out their Twisted range (for those with curls, or who want curls) and I needed to get it in my hot little hands.

Just like that, a beam of light appeared from the ceiling like some kind of divine intervention, and I was greeted by Brad Lepper at French Revolver Studio (this may have been over-exaggerated, however it sure felt like it). I popped in to have a blow wave using the new range, and get the latest tricks from Brad on everything frizz-free waves.

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3 Tricks for voluminous waves without the frizz

  1. Frizz comes from dehydrated hair. Go figure, right? To combat this, make sure you’re always using a conditioner, and step it up with a hair mask once a week. I’d also recommend using product before blow waving your hair, like a cream, oil or serum that creates a barrier from the heat. Finally, turn the heat down when using your hairdryer.

  2. Change your parting. This is a simple way of gaining more volume from your roots instantly. Also blow wave in sections and blast upside down to finish, let it cool then flip your hair. Now you can move to styling.

  3. When styling, curl or wave your hair as you normally would. Apply a light hairspray (you don’t want anything heavy), then once cooled and dry run either your fingers or a small comb through your hair in sections. This is where your voluminous Victoria’s Secret waves will happen!


To get voluminous waves without the frizz, I definitely recommend the new Sebastian Professional Twisted range. It’s infused with Flexi AlgTM Complex, a breakthrough technology with carrageenan-red seaweed extract – to infuse curls with the same elasticity of underwater plants that resist the stress of elemental forces.

But what results did I see straight away by using it? Simply using the Twisted Elastic Cleanser and Detangler at home made my hair incredibly easy to work with. It was smooth but bouncy, and there were no flyaways. Having just blow waved my hair with my hands, it looked like I’d walked out of the salon. SERIOUSLY!! Adding the Twisted Elastic Treatment Mask to the mix brought up the softness of my hair, like I’d just added a colour to it, so I’ll be treating my hair to this once a week.

We used the Twisted Curl Magnifier in my hair for styling before a blow wave and curl in salon, and this is where the whole look took shape and held. Naturally, my curls have dropped however I can confirm the volume, overall shape, and feel have remained the same, and are said to for the next 48 hours – Impressive!

So, if you have curly hair that you’d like to take control of, or if you’re after a gorgeous curl that lasts all night (and through the weekend), THIS is the range for you. Find your nearest Sebastian Professional stockist salon here.


Thanks to Sebastian Professional for teaming up with me on this post. All opinions are honest and my own. 

Christine Stucki