7 Skincare tips for your 20’s


20’s skin can be really hard to handle. For one, you think you’re done with acne right? Nope, it’s here to stay another decade if you don’t know how to look after it. Then you have everyone telling you to start buying anti-aging products or worse, try botox before the signs of aging occur. When really, in your 20’s you just want to be looking great and having fun.

20’s skin is all about being clear and plump, all the while future proofing for the years to come. Over the past 8 years, I’ve had both good and bad experiences, to be able to come up with a tried and tested list of things you should be doing in your 20’s. Here is my list of…

7 Skincare tips for your 20’s

  1. Stop touching your face: 
    This one is a big one around here. I have a really bad habit of touching my face when I’m super focused and stressed out, and I pay the price. If you’re wondering why blemishes keep popping up in certain places, consider where you place your hands during the day. It’s also worth noting that changing your sheets regularly, washing any hats or beanies, and ensuring your hair is fresh and clean can make a big difference too.

  2. Take care of blemishes: 
    Blemishes and acne is inevitable, and I know it’s the one thing you want to get rid of ASAP when the rest of your face is looking flawless. But you need to be careful with the way you get rid of them. I use an oil cleanser to work it out, but you need to not push it too much. It should clear easily, if not, it’s not ready.

  3. Mix up your products: 
    My favourite one! Once you’ve locked down a 3-step routine (cleanse, tone, moisturise), use products when they’re needed. I use an oil cleanser at night, and a gel to foam cleanser in the mornings (see below what one I’m using), then with my moisturiser I’ll mix it up depending on what I’m looking for (hydration, matte finish etc.). It’s all about checking in with yourself and using a mixture of products that give you the skin you’re after.

  4. Nailing a morning routine: 
    My skin completely transformed the moment I started cleansing, toning and moisturising in the morning. It’s a wonder for clearing up any annoying bumps, and gives your skin a fighting chance (with all the elements we throw at it) throughout the day. Your nighttime routine should be a bit more in-depth, however a simple morning one makes a massive difference. Trust me.

  5. Eat antioxidant rich foods: 
    I don’t need to tell you to drink more water for clear skin, but did you know about the antioxidant trick? Antioxidant rich foods (like blueberries, cranberries, pecans and brazil nuts) help to plump up your skin, and you’ll need them more than ever as you age. Adding these food groups into your existing diet and recipes is an easy and delicious one, so be sure to try this tip out.

  6. Reduce stress and late nights: 
    A hard one for your 20’s, but if you have to go out and party (I’m all for it) then ensure you’re coming home and getting enough winks. If not, not only do those bags appear under your eyes, but your skin won’t get the oxygen and blood flow it needs to regenerate and look nice and naturally plump. Also with stress, if you notice you’re constantly on the go, find ways to slow down. Your skin will love you for it, and you’ll get a natural glow from being happier.

  7. Make SPF your best friend: 
    This is where the future-proofing comes in! Looking after your skin from the sun is the number one thing you can do to prevent aging. I highly recommend using an SPF under your moisturiser every day, however that can be hard sometimes. Making sure there’s SPF in your moisturiser makes it easy to maintain this tip and good routine. I’ve been using the new Shiseido Waso Colour-Smart Day Moisturiser, and love it for it’s SPF 30 AND colour correcting, almost BB cream finish. My skin is looking gorgeous because of it!


The Shiseido Waso range has been made with Millennial skin in mind, and nature at the forefront. It’s been crafted with authenticity at the core, knowing that skincare in your 20’s needs to be simple, convenient and effective.

Here’s what I think of the rest of the range… 


Quick Gentle Cleanser 150ML RRP $49.00Made with honey, this cleanser foams without water and is a great product for your morning routine. It’s soft and gentle on your skin.

  1. Soft + Cushy Polisher 75ML RRP $59.00Using Soy Extract to remove excess surface cells naturally, this product is perfect for using twice a week for an added glow.

  2. Fresh Jelly Lotion 150ML RRP $55.00One of my favourites from the range, this lotion is made with White Jelly Mushroom, an ingredient known in Japan to provide beautiful skin.

  3. Quick Matte Moisturiser Oil-Free 75ML RRP $69.00Made with whole Loquat Cells to balance skin’s oil levels, this is a fantastic daytime moisturiser for any season.

  4. Colour-Smart Day Moisturiser 50ML RRP $69.00This one comes in oil-free as well, and is a must-have in my eyes. My skin looks perfect the moment I put it on, and sinks in beautifully.

  5. Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream 50ML RRP $69.00: A nourishing 24hr moisturiser, this product is filled with whole carrot cells to help hydrate the skin. Goes on like a gel, sinks in like a cream. I’ve been using this as a night cream, however it does work well as a day cream and even over makeup for a dewy plump look.

Thanks to Shiseido for teaming up with me on this post. 

Christine Stucki