Academy Denim: Finding The Perfect Fit


Here are my top tips… 

– Cotton stretches up to half a size, so if you get 100% cotton jeans in a size 10, trust they are going to stretch to a 10 1/2 after some wear.

– Most denim has stretch in it, so whether it’s elastane or spandex, stretch is great for making your denim a little more comfortable to wear.

– Each percentage of elastane or spandex in a pair of jeans, means they will stretch half a size. So if you get a pair of jeans with 2% elastane (probably the most common variation) trust that the jeans will stretch at least one full size (that takes into account the amount of stretch from the cotton too).

– Try on the size it will stretch to, to ensure you’re happy with the fit and feel.

– Basically, if you can do your jeans up, those jeans are good… And I’m not talking loosely do them up, I mean you can JUST do them up.

– It all comes down to comfort and what you’re comfortable with. If you can deal with a little pain while they stretch, then that’s great. But if you’re all for comfort, then that’s fine as well.

– Give them a few hours to stretch after washing them, as they will go back to how you bought them.

I followed these rules with every pair of jeans I own, which is why I hold onto denim for years. I’ve had a pair of black jeans for over 5 years now and they still fit perfectly; mostly because I bought them skin tight.

Christine Stucki