ARTDECO Lip Innovations for full coloured pouts

ARTDECO has been in New Zealand for a year now, so with all the ‘newness’ worn off, it’s probably a good sign when we still get super excited about new ARTDECO products joining the range. This November it’s all about the lips, with ARTDECO creating a lip innovator range that targets all lip issues when it comes to showing off your pout.

If it’s cracks that you’re concerned about, ARTDECO have you covered. Maybe it’s volume and fullness? Well again, you’re covered. Or perhaps it’s simply nailing the natural look? Yeah, you know where we’re going with this…


ARTDECO Lip Filler Base (RRP $25NZD)

The lightly-scented ARTDECO Lip Filler Base extends the life and boosts the brilliance of any lipstick shade. Its creamy-velvety texture contains fine, powdery micro-beads that adhere to the lips and fill out uneven surfaces. Lips appear more even, smoother and fuller. Natural waxes prevent moisture loss while aloe vera, shea butter and plant oils provide additional protection. 

We can guarantee a big reason you don’t wear lipstick some days is because your lips aren’t up to scratch. You’re super self conscious of those cracks and fine lines in your lips that you feel can’t be prevented… Until now. The ARTDECO Lip Filler Base really does everything it says it does, but it also gives you the confidence to wear your brightest lippy loud and proud.

ARTDECO Color Booster Lip Balm (RRP $19NZD)


The paraben-free ARTDECO Color Booster Lip Balm maintains and enhances natural lip colour with soft pigmentation. The self-colouring pigments bond with the lip’s own protective film and enhance the natural lip colour. Depending on the pH value of the lips, the colour will range from a hint of rose to a soft pink. Lips appear refreshed and radiant. Plant oils from the seed of the tropical castor bean plant form a mechanical barrier against water-soluble contaminants and protect the lips from moisture loss. Nourishing apricot and peach seed oil help to maintain the moisture content of the lips, while the light spearmint aroma invigorates and refreshes. 

This lip balm is luxe and beautiful to wear. We love the soft pink that illuminates our natural lip colour, and the shine is to die for. It stays on the lips well, even when eating and drinking. Let us also take a moment to appreciate the packaging of this range. It’s soft, metallic and gorgeous… We loved taking these photos!

ARTDECO Glossy Lip Volumizer (RRP $25NZD)


The gluten-free ARTDECO Glossy Lip Volumizer makes lips incredibly soft and provides a light cover. The light, creamy texture with a subtle touch of pink brings a natural gloss to the lips. A combination of selected active agents such as hyaluronic acid and wild mango butter makes lips appear even fuller. A fresh mint-vanilla scent transforms the Glossy Lip Volumizer into the perfect volumizing and nourishing product. 

There is nothing worse than sticky lip gloss. Luckily we were delighted with the texture of this glossy lip volumizer. From the moment we put it on we felt a slight warming tingle that made our lips feel prominent, but in the best way. When we wear this lip gloss, our lips look healthy and shining. Loving this product!

The ARTDECO Lip Innovators range is available from November 2014 at selected Farmers stores nationwide. 

What do you look for in a lip product? Let me know in your comments below… 

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Note: These items have been gifted by ARTDECO. The views expressed above by the author(s) are 100% honest and to the best of their knowledge at the time of publication.

Christine Stucki