‘Day of the Dead’ Jeans


We had a Mexican Fiesta on the weekend, and I’m a really big fan of ‘Day of the Dead’ skulls, so I decided to get creative.
I had an old pair of jeans that I wanted to put a print on, and only needed to find paints to do it.

I used Pebeo Setacolor Opaque fabric paints (Gordon Harris $8.50 each).
Red: Vermilion (26)
Pink: Oriental Red (64 Shimmer)
Yellow: Buttercup (13)
White: Shimmer Pearl (44 Shimmer)
Blue: Oriental Blue (56)
Black: Shimmer Jet Black (79)
Note: I found that the white (Shimmer Pearl) paint came out silver on my black jeans, and the black shimmer came out dark navy.

 I started by painting the white face, then adding the hair colour and hat, and finally adding the dots and details once dry. I achieved the swirl on the roses and hair by using a sharp tip (I used a bobbi-pin) to make a pattern when the paint has just been applied.

I created the pocket by painting different lines and adding the triangles and dots once dry.

You want to leave them for at least 5 hours to dry completely, then run an iron over the back of them to set the paint for washing (I put baking paper down on the iron-board just in case it ran). If you have new jeans, make sure they have been washed once to get any chemicals out of them.

The night was great and I think the team had some fun too…

Christine Stucki