How to: Strawberry Nails


These nails are very sweet for any occasion. I wore them to a special birthday party last night. Here’s the how to:

Step 1: After shaping your nails and putting an undercoat on, apply a coat of your favourite red or pink polish. I used China Glaze ‘Hello Sailor’. Leave to dry.

Step 2:  Apply a green layer to the tips of your nails. I made my jagged line by using only a small amount of polish on the brush, and switching the angle and direction when painting. Take your time with this step, but don’t worry about being too precise. The green I used is China Glaze ‘Four Leaf Clover’.

 Step 3: Apply the little white bits. You can also use yellow or black for this part. To get the effect (if you don’t have a nail pen) is by using the end of a bobby pin. Dip into the polish, place lightly on the nail and swipe up to get the teardrop effect.

Once dry, apply a top coat and you’re done. Looking as darling as ever.

Christine Stucki