Makeover: Phoenix Cosmetics


With ball season coming up (for all you lucky ones still young and in love, anyway) you’ve got to start looking for the right makeup artist to make your day perfect. Introducing, New Zealand born and raised Phoenix Cosmetics.

Created by Eyebrow Queen herself, Phoenix Renata, Phoenix Cosmetics has been going strong since it first opened in 2005. It now has nine boutiques in New Zealand and one in Australia – Woah!

We went to check it out and were not disappointed. Let us tell you why…

The Design:

It was POURING DOWN the evening we went in, but as soon as the door opened, we were welcomed with pink decor, warm dry air, and a lovely smile or two. If you get the opportunity to visit one of the stores, do! Apart from the fact they provide fantastic services and really teach you how to apply makeup for your face, you actually get treated to an atmosphere that feels girly, sophisticated, and warming inside and out.

The Ladies:

Every lady working there is a trained makeup artist, so you can trust in their judgement and expertise. Phoenix only hire the best! We had the pleasure of meeting Kristy from Kingsland who was a great example of the brand’s ethos. She was stunning for one, so involved, bubbly, educated, and truly, TRULY believed in the products. 


The Product: 

We’re going to go more into detail in another post (it’s that good) but just check out their range! From Primer to Brow Shadow, Pixie Shimmer to Supergloss. The products come in all textures and shades under the sun and the ladies show you what suits, and exactly how to achieve it.

The Service: 

We went for a Makeover and were treated to a little pin-up tutorial. This service was amazing as it allowed us to try the product up close and personal – quite literally. Makeovers help you to learn exactly what suits your face, tricks and techniques to applying, and make you walk away feeling refreshed and pretty damn hot. We had heaps of confidence walking out, and wanted to put on heels and paint the town red (sadly that rain didn’t agree).

Christine Stucki