Raspberry lips for spring with Karen Murrell


When you think of darker lippies, you think winter and winter only. It’s fair, as your pastel hues and floral prints dominate the colour spectrum… But what if I told you I’ve found the perfect berry lipstick that’s great all year round, including in the peak of summer? Well, you’d hope I’m going to give you the deets, and it includes the product featured throughout this post. Yay! You’re right!

Racy Rata by Karen Murrell is the latest in her range of beautiful and organic ‘vegetable lipsticks’. What was that? You’re confused by the term ‘vegetable lipsticks’? All Karen Murrell Lipsticks are made with no animal-based materials and are not tested on animals (exactly what we like to hear). Instead they contain the most lush ingredients including Avocado Oil to provide hydration and protection, Cinnamon for natural lip plumping, Evening Primrose Oil to soothe and moisturise dry lips (holla!), and Carnauba Wax that ensures your lipstick doesn’t melt even in the bottom of your handbag.


After testing it out the last few days, here are my thoughts…

The colour is nice and buildable. Dab it on for a little colour, or swipe it on for that bolder lip. For this reason the colour is perfect for summer, as you can build it up as day turns to night. The colour is stunning and suits many different skin tones (yay for bloggers posting those selfies), and although the colour is bold, it can bring out even the ittyist-bittyist lips – so a word!

There are two things that really set this lipstick apart from other brands for me. 1. Cinnamon. You can smell it and it’s amazing. I’m a huge cinnamon fan, but really anything that doesn’t smell chemically comes out tops for me every time. 2. The lasting power. In the above selfie, this was posted at midday after breakfast, a cup of tea and maybe a cheeky packet of chips and it was still so bold. It lasted me from 8am to 8pm with only one top up. That’s amazing for me, as I always seem to lose (see: probably eat) any colour on my lips.

Christine Stucki