STYLED: Being ICONIC in Levi’s this spring


To me, a denim jacket is just as original as the plain white tee, just as classic as a winged line, and just as iconic as the Levi’s brand itself… That probably explains why the denim jacket is included in the Levi’s Icon Range then.

I’ve always owned a denim jacket, even when I was in the single digits so wearing one comes naturally to me; but this one is a little different. Put any Levi’s item on, and it instantly feels like it’s been a part of your life forever, all at the same time been missing.

This spring I’m living in my Levi’s Authentic Trucker Jacket, and finding it super easy to wear and style in a bigger size (going for the “it’s my boyfriends” look). Check out how I’ve styled it today…

Christine Stucki