What mascara wand is best for your needs?


Mascara has been a big thing recently, what with the launch event of Benefit’s Roller Lash, along with getting sent another several or so to trial this week alone. Phew! Yeah, I’d say it’s pretty big.

I always love opening new mascara because you never know what wand you’re going to get. Whatever it may be, the wand is the magic touch to creating a look the mascara claims to give. So whether it’s volume, curl, lengthening or definition you’re after, the wand is sure to help you out.

There’s a reason most brands bring out different wand shapes and sizes, and it’s not just to look pretty. Find out what wand you’ll need for the look you’re after…

Length and definition: 
Long, classic comb-like brushes with spaced bristles are perfect for separating, defining, and lengthening lashes. A great choice for those whose lashes are already full. Smashbox Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara is my favourite in this category.

For thickening sparse lashes: 
Not much lash real estate going on? For maximum volume, look for a large, round wand with packed, short bristles. Covergirl Bombshell Volume by Lashblast has two wands to create the ultimate volume. The first side is where the magic is, and I use it in the inner corners of my eyes to catch those little lashes.

For precise application: 
You can’t go past a wand with bristles of different lengths to deliver mascara to each lash individually. The application can be more time-consuming, but the brush is guaranteed to reach everywhere, and the end result is perfectly customized. I’m loving Collection Cosmetics NEW Big Fake Curves mascara for this.

To curl lashes: 
A curved brush lifts and curls the lashes better than a straight brush does. Sweep the wand over the lashes and follow the natural curve. You know I’m loving Benefit’s Roller Lash because it hooks the lashes to pull them through and curl, but if you’re on a budget you could go for Essence Lash Princess with the curved wand.

What is most important to you when it comes to knock-out lashes? Let me know in your comments below… 

Note: These products have been gifted over time. The views expressed above by the author(s) are 100% honest and to the best of their knowledge at the time of publication. 

Christine Stucki