Want to be taken seriously? THIS is what you should be wearing


A lack of confidence. It happens to the best of us, and always at the worst of times. It’s times like these when you need to rely on a bit of either liquid courage or a fabulous wardrobe.

There’s real power in wearing clothes you feel boss, sexy and comfortable in, so I’ve gathered my top style tips for gaining confidence on the inside and respect outside…

Want to be taken seriously? THIS is what you should be wearing

Shoes you can walk in:

It doesn’t matter what your shoes look like, so long as you can walk in them… and walk well! Okay, so maybe it DOES matter what shoes you’re wearing, but if you feel like something with a bit of a heel, you don’t need the highest stiletto known to man.

Opt for something with a chunky heel (they’re becoming increasingly popular) and ensure you are securely fastened into your shoes. And remember, practice makes perfect.


Easy on the jewellery:
Now I love a bit of costume jewellery as much as the next girl, but it’s best to tone it down during the working week. As Coco Chanel once said “before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”

But before you go sacrificing your personality all together (layering rings is a solid part of my image), get rid of a section – So lose the chunky cuffs, and go for the rings.

A good pair of jeans: 
I’m not here to tell you to invest in a cliché power suit, but rather a good pair of jeans. Denim tones down a good white shirt and blazer (this is what we want here) but your jeans need to be really clean cut. Don’t go for a pair with many (to any) rips, tears, patterns or distressing and you’re onto a winner – Also, lowcut is out too.

You don’t need to spend a ton on finding a good pair of jeans, I buy mine from Glassons.


The power of lingerie: 
Bear with me here, I’m not about to tell you to go showing off your undies. A great set of lingerie can do wonders for your confidence and attitude, so instead of saving them up for a special occasion, commit to impressing YOURSELF and in turn impress everyone around you with your baller attitude.

You can get some pretty cute sets from Cotton On Body, but keep practicality in mind when purchasing – You won’t wear it if it’s uncomfortable. 

In the end, it all comes down quite simply to your attitude. If you feel good with yourself, you’re going to make ANY outfit look good – Promise! I’ve teamed up with U by Kotex to write up this post, because they get this too and 100% believe in getting up and rocking it any time of the month (with a couple of trusty liners in your handbag for good measure, of course).

Sure, periods are the pits and I’m sure all of us would be happier without them, but that doesn’t stop me from my 9 to 5 – Nailing presentations and looking pretty stylish at the same time (hey, I can say that).

Thanks to U by Kotex for teaming up with me on this radical post.

Christine Stucki