6 Easy lifestyle changes for a happier YOU this winter


Oh I hear ya! Making big lifestyle changes, especially over winter? Bleh!! That’s why I’m here to give you six EASY and quick lifestyle changes that all work together to ensure you stay happy this winter. I’m not here to muck you around and insist you take up a yoga class in order to find true happiness, oh no! But with the below, you may find peace and clarity to rock every day with your best boots on!!

I’ve teamed up with the fantastic team at Nutters (available from Countdown nationwide) to deliver…

6 easy lifestyle changes for a happier YOU this winter


1. Start your day off with a stretch: 
Ever find it really hard to wake up in the morning? Oh, you are preaching to the choir!!! Well, add a super chilly Monday morning to the mix and it’s a “HELL NO” from me. Instead of jumping on your phone and hoping Instagram will wake you up, start off with small stretches – Stretch your back and neck, followed up with your legs and arms (yes, right down to your fingers and toes). It’ll warm you up and wake you up!


2. Boil the kettle and add some lemon: 
During your morning routine, pop the kettle on and grab a mug. Getting into the habit of having a warm cup of lemon water (boiled water + a slice of lemon or fresh lemon juice. I know, worldly!) every morning aids digestion, boosts your immune system, cleanses your system, and helps with your mood. It’s also said to help with weight loss (by fighting hunger cravings) but I highly recommend you don’t skip breakfast ever – It’s definitely my favourite meal of the day!!


3. Set some small daily goals: 
Those big goals like losing a little weight or saving for a holiday are tough to imagine all at once, however if you set small daily goals that work towards this big goal, you’re setting yourself up for success. So book in a gym session, or plan to look over your finances today, and feel proud of your progress everyday. This one is especially important over winter, when it’s easy to fall into the trap of neglecting yourself.


4. Eat more consciously: 
As stated above, this trap of neglecting yourself also comes hand-in-hand with trying to give yourself a little boost, but in the wrong way. Too often I grab a block of chocolate to get myself off the ‘poor me’ train, but we all know this doesn’t actually help. Indulgence is inevitable over winter, and I’ll be the last person to tell you not to treat yourself, however it’s easy to make better lifestyle choices and eat (see: binge) more consciously. Instead of grabbing a packet of chippies and some chocolate for your next Netflix sesh, opt for a natural fruit and nut mix and some lightly salted popcorn. 

I’m loving the Nutters More-ish Munch pack, filled with yoghurt coated cranberries (OMG, stop it), chocolate covered peanuts, roasted cashews and macadamias. I think the boyfriend likes the chocolate peanuts the best, because I seem to be getting low. Haha! This snack is still a treat, but a more conscious treat that has me feeling good.


5. Go for a walk to get some Vitamin D: 
I’m asking for one thing here, 10 minutes! If you don’t do any other exercise (I understand you’re super busy) then just go for a 10 minute walk everyday. Not only does this help the blood flow and clear your mind, but it’s also great for fighting off depression. Vitamin D is super important for our sanity, and the sun is ready and waiting to give it to you.


6. Make quiet time a priority: 
I like to take 20 minutes each evening to relax in complete silence. What does this do for me? Well it gives me the opportunity to reflect on the day and set goals for the next morning. By getting everything out of my head, it means I sleep really well (super important over winter to stay happy). No, this does not mean 20 minutes on your phone either (I wish), but rather switching off, dimming the lights, sipping on a cup of tea and being present with your thoughts.


If you’re keen to eat more consciously this winter, then check out the Nutters range at Countdown. They have 8 packets, all ranging from Bare All Almonds (for my fitness babes) to the most deluxe nut selection (Nutty Deluxe) you’ll ever find (give me ALL the brazil nuts), and even a few chocolate coated ones (Chocoholic Chomp) – YUM! 

Thanks to Nutters for teaming up with me on this post. 

Christine Stucki