Ruby Thoughts: Slow-Motion Moments


We’ve all heard about your life flashing before your eyes when put in imminent danger, but what about your life slowing down when a huge moment passes you? A game changer you could say.

My first ‘slow-motion moment’ happened during my second year of university. The elevator doors swung open, and there I was greeted by the guy that I was going to spend the next four years with. A moment that fills my heart, a moment that I will never forget, a moment that most definitely passed.

So here I am in the present day, getting through the breakup phase four months down the track. I’m feeling strong, independent, a tad sexy in my newly purchased lingerie (that’s another story – I think I have a problem), and what happens? My second ‘slow-motion moment’ hits me like a heat wave. Yes, it did involve a boy, No I won’t go into detail, yes my mind is all over the place.

On the pro’s list is the fact that I felt that again, and I never thought I would (I’m being melodramatic). The con’s list is that it makes me question the feeling in general, because to me the timing is off (but is it ever really ‘on’? – Another post, maybe)

Which leads me to wonder, are these moments worth anything or are they just a quick flash in the pants? I mean, I only have one example to go off, where I was completely smitten following the first ‘moment’, but we all know that didn’t work out. So is this something I should read into? Or was it exactly what I needed to get out of the stupid rut I was in, and realise this thing we’re all chasing, love (I lie, there are people that give it up on a daily basis) is still out there? Maybe it was just the universe telling me “hey, you’re cool. Get out there, sister”.

Either way, time kind of stood still and it felt nice. It gave me a little boost of confidence that life is great, and we all need those once in a while.

I want to know your thoughts, your stories. Have I been watching too many rom-coms, or has this happened to you?

– Christine x

Christine Stucki